Jiangyin Zhongwei Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at No.1998, Zhencheng Road, Economic Development Zone, Lingang New City, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, and covers a building area of 20,000m2.

Currently, our company mainly produces auto part flanges, liquid injection pumps and other high-precision civil part products. Our main clients include Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Denso, Changzhou Tenglong, Wuxi Kailong, Shanghai Hitachi, GREE Air Conditioning, Samsung Electronics and other domestic famous enterprises...

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Engine gasket and cylinder head


1. Engine gasket and cylinder head: cylinder gasket; Engine support rubber pad; Engine gasket repair kit; Cylinder head gasket repair kit; Valve cover gasket; Other gaskets; Air intake pipe gasket; Exhaust pipe gasket; Oil pan gasket; Engine cylinder head; Cylinder head bolts; Oil guide plate; Oil port cap; Valve oil seal; Engine support rubber pad; Cylinder body; 2. Valve distribution mechanism: air filter; Silencer suspension adhesive; Air filter buffer adhesive; Intake pipe; Silencer; Exhaust pipe spring; Exhaust pipe bolts; Silencer clamp; Idle speed control valve; Exhaust gas recirculation valve; Turbocharger; Throttle valve; Valve tappets; Valve rocker arm; Valve guide; Time gauge guide rail; Timing chain; Timing gear; Intake valve; Exhaust valve; Three way catalytic converter; 3. Crankshaft and camshaft: crankshaft; Connecting rod; Bearing shells; Thrust plate; Crankshaft oil seal; Cylinder liner; Piston ring; Piston; Piston repair kit; Ventilation pipe; Convex gear teeth; Convex gear; Crankshaft gear; Flywheel; Oil pump drive gear; Piston pin; 4. Lubrication system: oil filter; Oil pump; Oil pan; Oil dipstick guide tube; Oil cooler; Oil drain plug; Oil pump drive chain; Oil filter element; 5. Fuel system: throttle cable; Air flow meter; Carburetor; Carburetor flange; Gasoline filter; Fuel sensor; Gasoline pump; Fuel tank cover; Stop pump; Oil pipe; Nozzles; Fuel pressure regulator; Gasoline separator; Filter screen; Accelerator pedal

Classification of Automotive Parts - Transmission Systems


1. Clutch: clutch pressure plate; Clutch plate; Release bearing; Clutch master cylinder; Clutch sub pump; Clutch cable; Clutch cable sleeve; Separation axis; Clutch pedal shaft; Clutch master cylinder repair kit; Clutch cylinder repair kit; Clutch bearing seat; 2. Transmission: Transmission support rubber pad; Transmission filter; Transmission filter repair kit; Transmission oil pan gasket; Transmission gasket repair kit; Transmission control lever head; Shift lever; Relay shaft; Transmission oil pump; Shift control cable; Transmission oil pipe; Odometer gear; 3. Drive shaft and half shaft cross shaft; Ball cage; Ball cage dust cover; Drive shaft support bearing; Hub bearing unit; Transmission shaft; Ball head; Ball cage repair kit; Hub bearing unit; Transmission shaft; Ball head; Ball cage repair kit; Transmission shaft assembly; Centering sleeve; Hub shaft; Bridge bearing; Wheel hub; Active and passive gears; 4. Main reducer; 5. Rear axle assembly; Classification of Automotive Parts - Braking Systems Brake line; Brake caliper; Brake disc; Brake drum; Brake master cylinder; Brake pads; Brake shoes; Brake wheel cylinder; Brake booster pump; Brake hose; Vacuum pump repair kit; Brake master cylinder repair kit; Brake wheel cylinder repair kit; Pressure vacuum tank; Brake valve; Brake cup; Brake adjustment arm; Brake booster; ABS gear ring; Fixing clip; Vacuum booster pump; Brake system electronics; Pressure reducing valve; Brake accessories;